Diktio Labs empowers marketing professionals by introducing network science into the marketing planning process. Network science transforms our ability to identify and map communities and influencers and to predict future behavior and responsiveness. It takes marketing to a whole new level of targeting and efficiency.

IRIS ensures maximum reach and impact for any campaign. Identify key in­fluencers and communities for your messages based on your chosen criteria around attitude, preferences, behavior or history. IRIS ensures nothing in your campaign is left to chance.


Scientific Political Polling for the Networked Generation. Metis applies network science to the analysis of vast amounts of social data. It maps political communities and trends to provide an insight into political attitudes and behavior. Reveal the structures of hidden political networks online.


Powerful, science-driven mapping of KOLs, patient influencers and future talent for the pharmaceutical industry. Our pharmaceutical research supports the acceleration and extended diffusion of a new product within the patient and healthcare professional communities.


We Map Communities

Targeted influence & Community Mapping

Political Foresight & Electorate Forecasting

Powerful Patient & Key Opinion Leader Mapping